What to Expect When You Join the Gut Restoration Program:

  • You'll gain access to the GIMAP Functional Gut Test and finally get to the root cause of your ongoing bloat, irritable bowel and food sensitivities. It's time to stop guessing and start testing!

  • You'll recieve a detailed, line-by-line explantion of your GIMAP Functional Gut Test results so that you truly understand your current gut health and what is driving your ongoing health struggles.

  • You'll receive an individualized supplement protocol, created to address your unique GIMAP Functional Gut Test findings, ending the trial-and-error approach to your healing and finally providing you with a program truly tailored to YOU!

  • You'll gain access to a 12 week online Gut Restoration Program, designed to help you heal your gut and restore optimum health! Lessons will provide information on a gut-friendly diet, detoxification pathways, hidden gut stressors, leaky gut reversal and much, much more!

  • You'll gain friends in our private community of gut-loving go-getters for support and accountability as you move forward on your gut healing journey.


  • Q : Will the Gut Restoration Program provide me with a formal diagnosis?

    A : The Gut Restoration Program will enable you to dive deeper into the function of your gut using the GIMAP Functional Gut Test and investigate for areas of gastrointestinal dysfunction, such as microbial imbalances, parasitic infections, decreased digestive capacity and a common condition known as leaky gut. Rather than seeking a title or formal diagnosis, the goal will be to uncover the root cause of your ongoing health challenges and then create a customized plan to begin healing those problems through natural and holistic means. So while a diagnosis may present itself, the primary goal of the Gut Restoration Program is to build better health from the inside out, no matter what the condition may be.

  • Q : How long is the Gut Restoration Program?

    A : The Gut Restoration Program was designed to be 12 weeks long. Each week the Gut Restoration Program will focus on a specific topic to avoid confusion and overwhelm. The program will walk you through the necessary steps needed to complete the GIMAP Functional Gut Test and begin implementing lifestyle changes to support your gut healing efforts. Educations content will include videos, interacticve slide shows and printable handout. Participants must complete their GIMAP Functional Gut Test within 4 weeks after enrolling in the Gut Restoration Program. Failure to complete the GIMAP Functional Gut Test within 4 weeks after enrolling, will result in forfeit of this portion of the program with no partial or full program refunds.

  • Q : Will the Gut Restoration Program include one-on-one attention and individualized coaching?

    A : Yes, the Gut Restoration Program will include 3 one-on-one video calls with Dr. Kate. During your first one-on-one meeting, Dr. Kate will introduce herself and get to know you a little better by reviewing your health history with you and explaining what you can expect as you move forward in the Gut Restoration Program. This first meeting will take place within the first 1-2 weeks after enrolling in the Gut Restoration Program. During your second one-on-one meeting, Dr. Kate will review your GIMAP Functional Gut Test Results with you. She'll walk through your results with you line-by-line and then customize you a supplement protocol tailored to your unique needs. During your third one-on-one meeting, Dr. Kate will check-in with you as you progress through your supplement protocol and online content to answer any questions, offer support, monitor progress, and make any necessary changes along the way.

  • Q : Does the Gut Restoration Program provide any additional support outside of my one-on-one session with Dr. Kate?

    A : Yes, you'll be invited to join our private community, affectionately named the Gut Loving Gang, for more support and resources. You'll be able to easily access this secure community by simply logging into the Gut Restoration Program learning platform. Within the Gut Loving Gang community you can ask questions, access additional resources, watch live Q&A sessions and even connect with others who are focused on holistic healing with you!

  • Q : Can I add on an additional GIMAP Functional Gut Test for my child, spouse or other immediate family member?

    A : You can add on an additional GIMAP Functional Gut Test to the Gut Restoration Program for a fee of $850. This offer extends only to children, spouses or other immediate family members of Gut Restoration Program participants. I fully support a healthy family and this is why I am happy to extend this offer to families who want to enroll in the Gut Restoration Program together. Additional GIMAP Functional Gut Tests can be discussed with Dr. Kate and ordered during your first one-on-one meeting with her at the the start of the Gut Restoration Program.

Meet Dr. Kate

Hello friends! I'm Dr. Kate your go-to gut health expert! I'm a Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, owner of Flourish Wellness Practice and the creator of the Gut Restoration Program.

Dr. Katelynn Nardulli


I help go-getters take back control of their life by getting to the root cause of ongoing health challenges with functional lab testing and customized holistic healing recommendations so that they can restore health and wellness from the inside out, conquer their goals and most importantly, flourish! Early in my own health journey, I learned that GUT HEALTH was hands-down the most important system to holistically managing my Hashimoto's Disease. I have seen gut health be the key to holistic healing over-and-over again in the hundreds of patients I have served over the years. This is why I have designed the Gut Restoration Program - all healing truly begins in the GUT. I look forward to the opportunity to help you heal!

Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Like Crap? 💩

Have you tried the probiotics, digestive enzymes or maybe increased your fiber with little to no significant improvement in your gut struggles? Have you seen a gastrointestinal specialist and had a colonoscopy, only to be told that your "hardware is healthy" and everything is "fine"?

The Gut Restoration Program takes a different approach to your health and healing! This program is different and more effective because it includes the GIMAP Functional Gut Test - providing a deep dive into your overall digestive function and microbial balance within the gut! If you've tried all the things but are still feeling like crap, it's time to change your perspective, dive deeper and finally get a healing program that's truly tailored to YOU and customized to YOUR unique gut needs! Are you ready?!
Dr. Kate is sitting at her desk reviewing functional lab results and supplement recommendations with a patient

Gut Restoration Program Curriculum

This all-inclusive program is designed to help you understand the autoimmune-gut connections and get to the root cause of your bloat, irritable bowel and food sensitivities by diving deeper into your gastrointestinal health with the GIMAP Functional Gut Test and providing you with a 12 week program including all the tools and resources you need to heal and restore optimal gut health.







About this course

  • $1,997.00
  • GIMAP Functional Gut Test Included


“"Dr. Kate was instrumental in addressing my health issues and restoring my health after other health care providers couldn't offer an explanation for my gastrointestinal issues. After months of doctors appointments, lab tests, imaging studies and unnecessary medications, I reached out to Dr. Kate. During my first encounter with Dr. Kate, I felt hopeful! She started with an evaluation and the appropriate functional testing, followed by a personalized protocol that led me to my healing journey. At first, I was a little overwhelmed, but once I started to trust the process everything fell into place. Within a few months I started feeling better, not only physically but also mentally. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Kate's knowledge, support and guidance. To this day, I still repeat the affirmation Dr. Kate once told me - I can do hard things and my body can do GREAT things!" ”

Joleen B.

“"I have been lucky enough to have Dr. Kate in my life for about three years now. I found her at my lowest health point; I was almost totally unable to leave my house. I was sick everyday with some kind of gastrointestinal issue. Sometimes I suffered with debilitating stomach cramps and other times it was irritable bowel symptoms that kept me in the bathroom all day, but all my other doctors were telling me I was "fine". (If you know, you know.) After meeting Dr. Kate for just the first time, I knew there was hope for me. Then after taking a few easy functional lab test tests with her, we began to get some answers! After reviewing my test results with Dr. Kate, she created a customized solution to address all of my gut issues, which led to me getting my life back! Fast forward about a year and now Dr. Kate is helping to heal my 6 year old as well. We love Dr. Kate; she is my go-to gut expert! Thank you Dr. Kate for giving us the tools we need to maintain a happy, healthy life!"”

Britney G.

“"I've been on a health journey for about 10 years to figure out what triggers my inflammation and gastrointestinal symptoms. The GIMAP functional gut test and the Gut Restoration Program has brought everything full circle for me. I've done countless blood tests on various things, gone to many specialists, tried very restrictive diets and even had a colonoscopy and nothing ever seemed to pinpoint my exact triggers. But to see tangible results from the GIMAP test, which I already felt and believed, is priceless. This functional test in combination with the Gut Restoration Program has provided me with very tailored, specific goals to work on. I'm also super thankful for Dr. Kate for going into extensive detail when reviewing my results, coaching me and putting together easy to understand gut restoration material. She has a strong passion and genuine willingness to help others and I love that we can walk through healing my gut and overall health together."”

Elisha B.

GIMAP = GastroIntestinal Microbial Assay Plus

The GIMAP Functional Gut Test is a DNA-based stool test by Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory. This functional lab test provides a deep dive into your overall gut health and function with a high level of specificity and accuracy for a truly customized approach to your healing! This is a summary of what the GIMAP evaluates for and reports on:

  • Good bacteria and a diverse natural microbiome -- You should have more 100 Trillion Plus good bacteria living in your gut so we want to make sure that the good bugs are there and plentiful!

  • Bad bugs such as unwanted bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts, fungi and/or worms -- Bad bugs are more common than you may think and can sometimes sneak into the mix causing gut irritation, inflammation and upset in the system.

  • H. pylori and associated virulence factors -- H.pylori is a bacteria that can cause stomach irritation and upset possibly leading to ulcers, acid reflux and increase the risk of gastric cancer if undetected and untreated.

  • Key digestive and intestinal health markers -- proper digestion and gut function is essential for nutrient absorption, energy produciton and the health of all other systems within the body.

  • "Leaky Gut" -- Leaky Gut is a condition resulting in increased intestinal permeability that can fuel inflammation, gut distress, immune system dysfunction and widespread stress throughout the entire body.

  • Insight into immune health within the gut -- approximately 70-80% of you immune system resides in your gut so one of the most powerful tools in holistically managing autoimmune conditions and associated symptoms is immune health within the gut.

Gut Restoration Program Pricing

Available to US and Canadian residents only.

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